What is your image of the Blessed Virgin Mary? Who is Mary for you? As we celebrate today the nativity of the blessed virgin Mary, our mother, I ask you, which image of Mary is accurate: Is Mary like Rizal’s Maria Clara-icon of beauty, genteel, ladylike, mahinhin, or is she […]

Mary, Mother of “Rebellion”

Hypocrites. That’s what more and more people are calling the Catholic Church now, especially at the release of yet another report on Child Sexual Abuse by clergy in the USA. According to this particular report by the Attorney General in Pennsylvania, within a period of 70 years, 301 priests have […]

Are We A Church Of Hypocrites?

SACRIFICE seems to be the theme of the day. Today, for instance, we remember the sacrifice of Senator Benigno Aquino as we mark the 35th year of the assassination that killed a life but awakened a nation. Also today, we celebrate with our Muslim brothers and sisters the Moslem Feast […]


I lost my innocence when I was ten years old. I was playing with my friends in our backyard one day and my older sister and a classmate arrived after a while. I remember hating my sister so much at that time for she was the favorite of my dad. […]

Unless You Become Like Children