About Us

For over three decades, Jesuit Communications (JesCom) has been at the forefront of promoting the Catholic faith and building the nation through traditional and new media. 

Inspired by a prayer recited by the late Fr. Jim Reuter together with his crew before every performance of a play, our mission as a leading Catholic media organization is to bring people closer to God through our ministry of evangelization and education.

A Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) Hall of Fame inductee and recipient of the Domingo de Salazar Preaching Award, we create audiovisual programs and digital productions that cover a range of important topics, including values and religious education, Philippine culture and history, and socio-political issues. 


To open our eyes and ears
that we may see the face of Christ
and hear His voice in our midst;

To give a face to the faceless
and a voice to the voiceless
that we may recognize Christ in them
and hear His story in theirs.

As the media arm of the Philippine Province and pioneer of the unifying Jesuit Media Network, that connects the communication departments of Jesuit institutions across the country, we have bridged the gap between traditional and new media, disseminating credible and inspiring content to a wide audience.

Our commitment to respectful dialogue, honest discourse, and credible content creation has made us a trusted voice in the field of communication, providing guidance and support to clergy, parishes, and the youth in navigating the digital landscape by drafting the social media protocol for the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus.

Through our acclaimed audiovisual productions, radio programs, publications, and music ministry, we continue to evangelize, educate, and uplift Filipinos and the Asia-Pacific region.

With a rich history, a clear vision, and a deep-rooted sense of purpose, JesCom embraces the challenges of the digital age, while remaining steadfast in our mission to spread the Word and guide the faithful through humble and dedicated service in the field of communication.