The Jesuit Communications Foundation finds its roots with JESCOM, or the Jesuits Engaged in Social Communications, formed in New Orleans, USA back in 1968. It was Fr. Jim Reuter who organized the local chapter JESCOM Philippines, together with Fr. Paul Brunner and Dr. Nim Gonzales. At the time, it served as the secretariat to the Provincial in communication matters and activities. It also worked closely with Fr. Reuter at the National Office of Mass Media (NOMM), the media arm of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. JESCOMPhil was involved in radio soap operas, rural mimeo press, and various seminars and conferences on Communications.

In 1972, Paul Brunner started SONOLUX Asia. SONOLUX specialized in audiovisual training seminars for evangelization and soundslide production. By this time, the JESCOM office had moved from the Provincial Curia to the Ateneo Communications Department under Dr. Nim Gonzales. JESCOM continued to conduct training seminars and workshops in media, but also began to provide technical services to the Communications students of the Ateneo School of Arts and Sciences, and to come up with video productions.

In 1995, the Jesuit Communications Foundation (JesCom) was established, a product of the merger between JESCOM and SONOLUX Asia. Today, JesCom continues to serve the Church in the country and region through its productions and training workshops.

Mission Statement

To open our eyes and ears that we may see the face of Christ and hear His voice in our midst;

To give a face to the faceless and a voice to the voiceless that we may recognize Christ in them and hear His story in theirs.

Our mission statement is inspired by a prayer that Fr. Jim Reuter used to recite together with his crew before every performance of a play: “Give us the grace to present this play so that we will bring all those who are touched by it and all those who are involved in it closer to God.” Thus, part of the JesCom mission is to use media — from the visual, to the musical — in the most effective manner possible, in order to empower the Church to proclaim the Gospel and its values.