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  • Kalbaryo: Saan patungo ang iyong pagdurusa?

    A JesCom Lenten special on ABS-CBN last 2014 featuring Cardinal Luis Antonio G. Tagle and narrated by Mr. Noni Buencamino. Pope Francis tells us to endure suffering like Christ: with acceptance and in peace. But how can one recognize suffering … Read More

    not rated 250.00
  • A Living Constitution

    The first volume of The Troubled Arroyo Presidency dealt with constitutional issues arising from the start of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s term until August 2006. This volume is simply a collection of essays written by the author after that period until … Read More

    not rated 300.00
  • Parable of the Elder Brother

    an illustrated story book, originally written by Fr. Johnny C.Go, SJ, as a Good Friday homily, the story offers a twist to the familiar parable of the Lost Son. Joseph Gotinga’s artistic and colorful illustrations make this slim volume attractive … Read More

    not rated 180.00
  • Mga Tilamsik-Diwa ni Soc Rodrigo

    A Golden Jubilee Project of Ateneo Grupo ’58 (Ateneo HS ’58 with Ateneo GS ’54 & Coll ’62) Collection of poems in Filipino.  

    not rated 150.00
  • With Eyes Fixed on Jesus Cycle B

    This is a collection of short reflections by Fr. John Chambers, SJ, a Jesuit who has spent much of his life in the Philippines. Based on the Gospels for the Sundays and Holy days of the year, these brief but … Read More

    not rated 180.00

    Inspiring stories of kindness and gratitude. Featuring Fr. Mon Bautista, SJ, this special shows how little acts of charity can create a ripple effect, changing countless lives, and inspiring others to do the same. Featured stories: Jeng Plata, Beth de … Read More

    not rated 250.00

    Catechesis on the Mass and the New Translation of the Roman Missal. This catechetical material aims to help Filipino Catholics in refreshing their knowledge of the mass, and to prepare them for the new missal. With brief explanations from Archbishop … Read More

    not rated 300.00
  • Ignatian Spirituality

    The collected writings of Venancio Calpotura, SJ. Father Benny was a priest of deep intelligence and deeper wisdom and wit. He had a zest for life and ministry which everyone could feel when he so much as entered a room. … Read More

    not rated 290.00
  • The Word Exposed Cycle B

    Compilation of sermons for Cycle B with Cardinal Chito Tagle Advent, Lent, Easter, Feasts, Solemnities Philippine Copyright 2011

    not rated 350.00
  • The Word Exposed Cycle A

    Compilation of sermons for Cycle A with Cardinal Chito Tagle Advent, Lent, Easter, Feasts, Solemnities Philippine Copyright 2013

    not rated 350.00
  • Ang Daan ng Liwanag

    The stations of the Resurrection is a Christian popular devotion. It encourages the faithful to meditate on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the events leading to His ascension to heaven and the descent of the Holy Spirit. With reflections … Read More

    not rated 250.00
  • Prayers Wrapped in Songs 10

    These music videos represent an attempt to “find Christ in all things.” By using this contemporary medium, it is hoped that the Word of Life can still be made audible and visible in a world filled with noise and shadow. … Read More

    not rated 150.00