Life Forevermore Music Sheet by Bukas Palad


From the album Something More

Featuring Sr. Bubbles Bandojo, rc & Fr. RB Hizon, SJ


When the day of toil is done, when the race of life is run

Father, grant Thy wearied one: Rest forevermore

When the strife of sin is stilled, when the foe within is killed
Be Thy gracious word fulfilled: Peace forevermore

When the darkness melts away at the breaking of the day
Bid us hail the cheering ray: Light forevermore

When the heart of sorrow tried, feels at length its throb subside
Bring us where all tears are dried: Joy forevermore

When for vanished days we yearn, days that never can return
Teach us in Thy love to learn: Love forevermore

When the breath of life is flown, when the grave must claim it’s own
Lord of Life be ours thy glorious crown: Life forevermore

Life forevermore!

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