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We at Jesuit Communications (JesCom) are involved in the production of audiovisual materials for evangelization and education. Our mission statement is inspired by a prayer that Fr. Jim Reuter used to recite together with his crew before every performance of a play: “Give us the grace to present this play so that we will bring all those who are touched by it and all those who are involved in it closer to God.” Thus, part of the JesCom mission is to use media – from the visual, to the musical – in the most effective manner possible, in order to empower the Church to proclaim the Gospel and its values.

Today, JesCom utililizes the latest video, production and musical recording technologies and combines them with the talents of highly skilled producers, directors, writers, musicians, actors and editors to produce high-quality, people-oriented print, broadcast and audio-visual materials.

We produce video programs in the areas of Values and Religious Education, Philippine Culture and History, Socio-Political Issues, and Spiritural and Pastoral Ministry.

JesCom’s Jesuit Music Ministry (JMM) promotes liturgical and inspirational music in Filipino and English published in CDs, cassette tapes, and songbooks.

JesCom’s Publications publishes books in the areas of spirituality, homiletics, pastoral ministry, and Jesuit interest.

The Garage, our training facility, aims to train the lay, religious and pastoral workers in media education and production.

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