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A book of esteemed professor and 1987 Constitutional framer Ed Garcia.

At this critical juncture in our nation’s history, where the rise of fake news, partisanship and radical political beliefs have deeply divided the Filipino, “COURAGE!” comes as a welcome reprieve and a comforting beacon of hope.

In the face of the destructive political atmosphere of hatred and violence, the peace worker, educator and activist challenges Filipinos to practice “moral courage in the face of risks and threats” and “to do the right thing in the right way in the face of one’s fears.”

From his original working title “The Courage to Hope”, Garcia finally settled on “COURAGE!” upon realizing that “if one had courage then there is hope; hope can inevitably follow. Courage is a verb, I believe, and the noun is the Filipino”.

Inspiring our countrymen to strive and hope for a better and brighter tomorrow, Garcia underscores the importance of this virtue “to keep that inner fire alive, and to engender in others the courage to hope, in good and bad times, in season and out of season.”

Recalling the brave martyrdom of Jesuit seminarian Richie Fernando, the teacher, proud grandfather and mentor of the young highlights the immense power of the Filipino youth to do “acts of courage and sacrifice”.

Galvanized by the Jesuit value of the Magis or “to be more and do more in everything that truly matters”, “COURAGE!”  emphasizes Garcia’s stirring conviction that indeed, “every young Filipino can aspire to be better, in great or small things…in this way, we can overcome the hate and the fear, and take our country in a different direction.”


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