Hope and Inspiration Lives On: “Keep the Faith” Celebrates 4th Anniversary



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In commemoration of “Keep the Faith’s” fourth anniversary, Jesuit Communications (JesCom) staff, friends and supporters gathered together last March 19th, at the Creative Hub, to celebrate another milestone year for Radyo Katipunan 87.9 FM’s beloved daily mass program.

Following the morning’s Holy Mass in honor of the Solemnity of St. Joseph, presided by Fr. Rene Javellana SJ, the warm and cordial luncheon served as a perfect opportunity to offer thanks and look back at the great strides “Keep the Faith” has made as it nears its half-decade run.

It was on March 19, 2020 at 8am, that “Keep the Faith”, then previously titled “Keeping the Faith: Daily Mass for Difficult Times”, first aired on the Ateneo airwaves, beginning a series of live daily masses that brought comfort and healing to audiences across the country and around the world, just as the COVID-19 pandemic would take its toll. With numerous heartfelt petitions and intentions prayed over each day by Jesuit Fathers, against the backdrop of Fr. Jason Dy SJ’s floral and other liturgical arrangements, “Keep the Faith” became a fixture in the lives of Radyo Katipunan’s virtual parishioners.

Blessed with ardent testimonies and staunch support, Radyo Katipunan and “Keep the Faith” soon went beyond the confines of Loyola Heights by supporting community pantries and other charitable initiatives. Spearheaded by Executive Director Fr.Nono Alfonso SJ and Station Coordinator Justin Pontino, support received from the daily masses also helped spur Radyo Katipunan’s noble offshoot project, the annual “Pamaskong Handog” outreach program, providing hundreds of less fortunate kababayans a proper Christmas Noche Buena.

As quarantine restrictions eased and on-site campus activities resumed, the tight-knit community formed by “Keep the Faith” continued its genuine appreciation and dedication to the daily Mass. Present to serve every day are “Keep the Faith’s” team of volunteer commentators, lectors, and altar servers who are all joined in worship by various members of the university community.

With the opening of “Keep the Faith’s’” dedicated chapel-studio in 2023, more mass-goers have since joined the daily celebrations of the Holy Eucharist. Ranging from students, faculty, staff, alumni, and even some seminarians, “Keep the Faith’s” regular attendees all eagerly seek to keep the Word of God strong in their lives, just as it had during the trying times of the pandemic.

Also bringing the inspiring homilies by the Jesuit Fathers even closer to the hearts of the faithful is the engaging “Keep the Faith” podcast. Launched last year on Spotify, the audio-only version of the homilies from the Daily Masses provides listeners with heartwarming and enriching reflections that they can tune in to anywhere and on the go.

Bolstered by its strong community, empowered by its many platforms to preach God’s Word, and inspired by its mission to be with and for others, “Keep the Faith” indeed strongly stands on its heartening messages and legacy of hope, now and in the years to come.

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Spotify Link for Keep the Faith: The Daily Podcast (https://open.spotify.com/show/2fJd8GsyhtCMNYw29tEjwv?si=0f4b9199080d4489)

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