“Hontiveros @100” kicks off with Simbang Gabi at the Church of the Gesu



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In honor of the Centennial Birth Anniversary of the late Fr. Eduardo Hontiveros, SJ, regarded as the “Father of Filipino Liturgical Music,” the Jesuit Music Ministry (JMM) is embarking on a year-long celebration titled “Hontiveros @100.” The commemoration commences with a Simbang Gabi mass at the Church of the Gesu, Ateneo de Manila University, on December 20, 2023, which marks Fr. Honti’s birth anniversary. 

The Simbang Gabi mass, set to begin at 8 pm, will be presided by Fr. Jose Quilongquilong SJ, Executive Director of the Philippine Jesuit Aid Association. Preceding the mass, there will be a mini-concert at 7 pm featuring Pansol Choir and Tinig Barangka—both cherished choirs founded by Fr. Hontiveros. The choirs will serenade the audience with a lineup of beloved songs composed by Fr. Honti.

The celebration looks forward to 2024 as a year filled with musical tributes and releases in honor of Fr. Hontiveros. JMM plans to unveil previously unpublished songs of Fr. Honti throughout the year. A Liturgical Music workshop is scheduled, offering participants insights into the techniques and inspirations behind Fr. Honti’s compositions. Moreover, JMM is working on a new Vespers Album (Vespers 9) that features the timeless songs of Fr. Honti, continuing the tradition of instrumental music for prayer and meditation.

Adding to the lineup is “Tubig at Liwanag” (Liturgical Songs on the Seven Sacraments), an album by the Pansol Choir, and the release of “Pasyong Pilipino” on digital music platforms for Lent 2024. The pinnacle of the year-long tribute is a grand JMM concert in July 2024, coinciding with the much-anticipated Ignatian Month.

Fr. Hontiveros, who joined the Society of Jesus in 1945 and was ordained in 1954, left an indelible mark on Filipino liturgical music. Known as the “Father of Filipino Liturgical Music,” he responded to the call of Vatican II in the 1960s by composing Filipino liturgical songs. His first composition for a group of young boys and girls in Barangka, Marikina, sparked a musical journey that influenced generations of composers.

Today, JMM, an official ministry in the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus, continues to enhance individuals’ musical talents through liturgical music seminars, workshops, and voice training. Fr. Honti’s music, sung not only in the Philippines but globally, remains a source of inspiration for those seeking nourishment through the celebration of the Eucharist.

Fr. Eduardo Hontiveros, SJ, passed away on January 15, 2008, leaving behind a legacy that continues to resonate in the hearts of those touched by his music.  “Hontiveros @100” aims to honor this enduring legacy and inspire future generations to carry forth the torch of Filipino liturgical music.