JesCom Store Blessing Marks Exciting New Chapter in Evangelization and Innovation




Last Friday, July 28, the Sonolux Building at Ateneo de Manila University witnessed a momentous occasion—the re-opening and blessing of the JesCom Store. Following the resounding success of CONNECT: JesCom Fair 2023, JesCom continues its commitment to innovation and forward progress with this exciting development.

Leading the blessing ceremony was JesCom Associate Director Fr. Ro Atilano, SJ, alongside esteemed Jesuits, Fr. Arnel Aquino, SJ, and Fr. Vidal Gornez, SJ. Illuminated by candles, JesCom staff, invited guests, and friends of JesCom’s ministry joined Fr. Ro in a procession as he sprinkled Holy Water, blessing not only the JesCom Store but also every room and office within JesCom, all newly repainted and upgraded.

The renovation of the JesCom rooms, offices, and facilities was spearheaded by Fr. Ro, who aimed to create an inspiring and positive environment for staff members to nurture creativity. “We wanted to create places of encounter, because it is in encounter that we create new ideas,” explained Fr. Ro. The changes in the physical appearance of the spaces were intended to positively impact the interiority and emotional well-being of all members of JesCom.

The newly-renovated JesCom Store now offers an array of innovative products, ranging from award-winning publications to creatively designed tote bags and the vibrant JesCom Tag t-shirt line. It has transformed into a vibrant space where people can read books authored by Jesuits for free, enjoy music, and socialize with friends. The store has also been set up to accommodate larger and better episodes of JOSH Live, providing a welcoming environment for creativity to flourish.

Fr. Ro extended an open invitation to everyone to visit the new and improved JesCom Store, emphasizing that it serves as a hub of evangelization, showcasing various products designed to spread the message of faith.

A brief stopover at the newly-renovated St. Francis Xavier Recording Studio A added to the day’s significance. The studio, now soundproofed, repainted, and refloored, will be the new home for Jesuit Music Ministry’s (JMM) Himig Heswita practices and recordings.

During the blessing, heartfelt expressions of gratitude poured forth to Fr. Ro for his remarkable leadership over the past six months, which brought about positive transformations not only in the physical structures of JesCom but also in the hearts and well-being of its staff.

The celebratory mood continued with lunch at the JesCom Creative Hub, fostering camaraderie and fellowship among all participants.

In the afternoon, a special episode of JOSH Live celebrated the re-opening of the JesCom Store. The dynamic duo of Rey Malipot and Roma Escaner delighted audiences with open mic sessions accompanied by pianist Kim Dominik Sarmiento. Live-selling of the JesCom Store’s featured products added to the excitement of the occasion.

 The re-opening and blessing of the JesCom Store marks a significant step forward in JesCom’s mission to embrace innovation while empowering faith. With its new and inviting spaces, innovative products, and dynamic initiatives, JesCom continues to inspire and engage audiences in the digital age.

As the Sonolux Building thrives with renewed energy, the spirit of evangelization resonates within its walls, forging a path toward an even more vibrant and empowering future for JesCom.