“Bangon Simbahang Talibongnon” Benefit Concert Triumphs: Uniting Hearts for Restoration



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Talibon, Bohol — In a resounding show of solidarity, the Jesuit Music Ministry (JMM) of the Jesuit Communications Foundation (JesCom), in collaboration with USWAG Talibon, Inc., and the Diocese of Talibon, delighted audiences as they successfully staged the “Bangon Simbahang Talibongnon” benefit concert aimed at raising funds for restoration of the historically significant Most Holy Trinity Cathedral Church in Talibon. 

The concert, held at the President Carlos P. Garcia Multi-purpose Center on July 15, 2023, was a poignant tribute to the spirit of Talibon, which faced the immense devastation caused by Super Typhoon Odette on December 16, 2021. Among the casualties of the typhoon was the beloved Most Holy Trinity Cathedral Church, a cultural treasure that holds deep religious significance for the community.

‘Bangon Simbahang Talibongnon’ was a maiden project of USWAG TALIBON, INC, an NGO organized to promote our town’s development and growth. The members unanimously approved the project to assist the Diocese in raising funds to rehabilitate our typhoon-damaged Cathedral. USWAG Talibongnon members who are devout Catholics felt that it is just but proper to have the first project dedicated to the Lord,” shared Ms. Lirio Du, one of the lead organizers of the project. 

The concert unfolded into a captivating symphony of music and prayer, embracing the legacy of Talibon’s Catholic heritage. The stellar lineup of performers from JMM, including Jay Gomez, Toto Sorioso, Rey Malipot, and Michelle Ching-Dungo, along with John Basil Dungo from the Bukas Palad Music Ministry, illuminated the stage with their extraordinary musical talents, uplifting the spirits of the audience.

A defining moment during “Bangon Simbahang Talibongnon” was Romar Chuca’s interview with Bishop Daniel Patrick Y. Parcon, who shed light on the importance of the restoration project. As the true treasure of Talibon lies not in gold but in the unwavering faith of its people, Bishop Parcon called for continued support to ensure the church stands tall once again as a symbol of faith and resilience.

It was refreshing to see our townspeople helping one another in raising funds for a noble cause. The title ‘Bangon Simbahang Talibongnon’ suggests that the task of restoring our Church building is indeed a sacred responsibility for every Talibongnon. As one of the organizers, I am thrilled to have witnessed such a very successful event. And as a Talibongnon myself, I am really grateful to have been given the opportunity to be part of the organizing team. It was truly very special,” expressed Fr. Jose Conrado of the Diocese of Talibon and one of the lead organizers of the concert.

He continued, “JesCom and the Jesuit Music Ministry were heaven-sent. The concert was a success because of their generous assistance. I believe that what happened was a miracle. And the partnership that we have built will surely bear more fruits for years to come.

As the event reached its crescendo with the finale, the audience was left spellbound by the emotional rendition of “How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place,“ symbolizing the resilience of faith and the unwavering hope of restoration.

The success of “Bangon Simbahang Talibongnon” not only brought the community together but also inspired audiences to contribute to the restoration efforts. Donations for the Most Holy Trinity Cathedral Church are still being accepted through the official JesCom website at https://jescom.ph/product/donate-to-bangon-simbahang-talibongnon/. Every contribution, regardless of its size, plays a vital role in rebuilding the church and preserving the rich heritage of Talibon.As the night drew to a close, “Bangon Simbahang Talibongnon” left an indelible mark, resonating with the audience’s hearts, and a brighter future on the horizon for the Most Holy Trinity Cathedral Church. The success of this benefit concert stands as a testament to the power of music, prayer, and the unwavering resilience of a community united in purpose and compassion.

Mark your calendars and join us in witnessing the uplifting melodies and heartwarming moments of the “Bangon Simbahang Talibongnon” benefit concert, streaming via the social media pages of JesCom, Jesuit Music Ministry, and other media partners this August 20, 2023, Sunday, at 9am and 6pm (Manila Time).