“Bangon Simbahang Talibongnon”: A Benefit Concert to Restore Most Holy Trinity Cathedral Church in Talibon, Bohol



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Recognizing the importance of Bohol’s historic Most Holy Trinity Cathedral Church, the newly formed civil group, United Servants for Welfare Advancement & Growth (USWAG) Talibon, Inc. has partnered with JesCom’s Jesuit Music Ministry (JMM), the Diocese of Talibon, and Limang Siglo to present “Bangon Simbahang Talibongnon”, a benefit concert aimed at raising funds for the cathedral’s restoration.

On December 16, 2021, Talibon experienced the devastating force of Super Typhoon Odette, leaving behind an unimaginable trail of devastation. Among the casualties of the typhoon was the beloved Most Holy Trinity Cathedral Church, an iconic monument of historical significance that now requires extensive restoration efforts.

The roots of Catholicism run deep in Talibon, as the Society of Jesus’ missionary, Juan de Torres, arrived in the town in 1596. Seeking to alleviate the concerns of the locals, Torres famously ground a handful of gold dust under his heel, demonstrating his mission’s focus on saving souls rather than seeking wealth. Talibon eventually embraced the Jesuit missionary’s teachings, leading to the establishment of the Most Holy Trinity Cathedral Church as a cornerstone of faith in 1729.

The legacy of Talibon’s Catholic heritage is not lost on JesCom, which has taken an active role in supporting the cathedral’s restoration by assisting in the staging of the benefit concert meant as a beacon of hope to rally support for the rebuilding efforts.

Scheduled for July 15, 2023, at 7:00 pm, the President Carlos P. Garcia Multi-purpose Center in Talibon will be the venue for this momentous concert.

The stellar lineup of performers promises an evening of extraordinary musicality and heartfelt performances. Beloved artists from the Jesuit Music Ministry (JMM), including Jay Gomez, Toto Sorioso, Rey Malipot, and Michelle Ching-Dungo, along with John Basil Dungo from the Bukas Palad Music Ministry, will grace the stage. Joining them will be Fr. Ro Atilano, SJ, Associate Director of JesCom.

Adding an element of hearty laughter to the evening, Romar Chuca, the social media sensation known as “The Catholic Comedian,” will captivate the audience with his unique brand of humor. Meanwhile, showcasing the talent and pride of Bohol, will be the world-renowned Loboc Children’s Choir, as well as local artists from Talibon and the Jeduthun Singing Priests.

All proceeds from “Bangon Simbahang Talibongnon” will go towards the cathedral’s restoration, ensuring that the Most Holy Trinity Cathedral Church will once again stand as a symbol of faith and resilience in Talibon.

As the recovery process commences, “Bangon Simbahang Talibongnon” shines as a beacon of unity and hope, inviting all to come together in support of the restoration efforts. Let us join hands on July 15th to celebrate the power of music, uplift spirits, and contribute to the revival of Talibon’s cherished spiritual landmark.

Join us in making a difference by supporting the concert and restoration of the Most Holy Trinity Cathedral Church in Talibon. Help us rebuild this cherished place of worship by donating through the official JesCom website at https://jescom.ph/product/donate-to-bangon-simbahang-talibongnon/.

Tickets for “Bangon Simbahang Talibongnon,” are now available, starting at an affordable price of Php 200 for General Admission. Interested individuals can secure their tickets by contacting Jennifer Pojas at 09177061771 or Restilou Artiaga at 0939198371.