Kape’t Pandasal hosts reunite for 18th anniversary



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Home at last. 

In celebration of its 18th anniversary, Kape’t Pandasal’s hosts gathered together for a long-awaited reunion at JesCom Studios last January 10, 2023. 

Sharing warm greetings, heartfelt stories, and fond memories in their first face-to-face gathering since the start of the pandemic were Fr. Kali Pietre Llamado, Fr. Jboy Gonzales SJ, Fr. Nono Alfonso SJ, Ms. Rissa Singson-Kawpeng and Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle.

“The meeting was very inspiring and invigorating. It was a regaining of our energies as hosts, and it was very refreshing for us to be together again after doing our own segments individually for so long,” commented Fr. Jboy of the group’s long-overdue homecoming. 

 “What brings us all together is Cardinal Chito. His presence gives us an assurance that we are not just working for the Church in the Philippines, but also globally, knowing that those watching Kape’t Pandasal are Filipinos spread all over the world,” commended Fr. Jboy of the top-rated theologian and head of the global Catholic Biblical Federation. 

The reunion also marked an emotional send off for Fr.Nono, as his co-hosts bid JesCom’s Executive Director farewell for his six-month Tertianship. 

With the rare occasion laying another important milestone in the program’s nearly two-decade run, Fr. Jboy offered his insights on the continued success of Kape’t Pandasal

“There is a sense of community, with a shared passion and mission of sharing the Gospels and how they can be applied to life. The experience of faith life is practical life. That is why the message remains relevant.” 

Also adding to the cause for celebration was the exciting news of JesCom’s very own YouTube Silver Plaque—an award given to creators who have reached 100,00 subscribers. While the JesComTV YouTube channel’s subscribers are at an all-time mark, Fr. Jboy looks ahead to an opportunity for continuous growth and learning for both Kape’t Pandasal and JesCom. 

“It is good to celebrate (this achievement), but also good to evaluate the speed of our response to many changes. Kape’t Pandasal should continue to move towards the peripheries, those who have been discouraged, those who don’t know the Church yet,” he optimistically remarked. 

“It’s not just about embracing new challenges, but becoming change itself—being one with the times. As long as the same mission and the same branding remains, exploring and moving to different platforms makes the journey even more exciting.”

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