GomBurZa cast now complete, production set to begin



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We finally found our Burgos!

GomBurZa, Jesuit Communications’ (JesCom) second major motion picture received a significant boost in its development with the final selection of actors set to play the titular roles of Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora.

“After a long search for the right actors, we can now finally breathe. We are very confident that they will deliver and fulfill their roles to the best of their ability,” expressed GomBurZa producer Pauline Mangilog-Saltarin during a screen test and script reading held at the JesCom Creative Hub.

Casting the heroic trio of martyr-priests certainly did not happen overnight. It was an extensive search, particularly for the role of Burgos, that began as soon as the script was finalized back in July 2022.

“They’re talented actors with a lot of heart. I think they’re really made to play the roles and bear an uncanny resemblance with the historical figures,” remarked director Pepe Diokno about his team’s selections for the featured roles.

With the right pieces fitting at the right time, #TeamGomBurZa now looks ahead to an exciting production season, bringing along high spirits and great news.

“We’ve been doing pre-prod for the past few months. Now, we can finally move forward with production. We’re gunning for this February, right after the 151st anniversary of GomBurZa on the 17th. We’re very happy that everything is falling into place,” relayed an elated Mangilog-Saltarin.

“There must be a good reason for the long wait. Hindi namin ito minadali. I’m sure it will reveal itself in the coming days,” she added with much gratitude and optimism.

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