‘The Word Exposed’ and ‘Kape’t Pandasal’ now airing on Solar Entertainment 



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Jesuit Communication’s (JesCom) globally acclaimed Sunday Scripture TV program, “The Word Exposed”, has found a new home in Solar Entertainment.

Beginning last November 13, more audiences can now tune in to Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle’s crystal clear, down-to-earth reflections live every Sunday at 8:30 am via the Solar Flix channel (Sky Cable Ch.16; Cignal Ch. 21; Cablelink Ch.33; DTT Ch.21).

Viewers can also catch the Sunday morning episode later in the afternoon at 4pm, starting November 19, on the DepEd ALS channel (Cablelink Ch.6; DTT Ch. 21 & 30) with additional replays on Mondays (12:30 pm)Tuesdays (5:30pm), and Wednesdays (9pm).

“We are very happy with these additional platforms where ‘The Word Exposed’ can be accessed.  Through these channels, we hope the Cardinal can touch and move more hearts,” says JesCom Executive Director Fr. Nono Alfonso SJ of the brand-new partnership.

Since being named as Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples in late 2019, Cardinal Tagle has diligently continued his charismatic and sincere brand of preaching, direct from his Vatican post. Made possible through the determined efforts of the JesCom production team, “The Word Exposed’s” inspiring reflections have carried on for 14 years and counting, showing much resilience amidst periods of change.

With each recording session and every script run-through of “The Word Exposed” a heartfelt labor of love for Cardinal Tagle, Fr. Nono encourages more audiences to heed the heartening messages of the gracious shepherd who harnesses the power of media in order to bring the Good News to his flock.

“If you are looking for a quality show, please watch Cardinal Chito Tagle’s ‘The Word Exposed.’ Not only is the Cardinal a top-rated Theologian, with a doctorate in Systematic Theology, he is also now the head of the Global Catholic Biblical Federation and the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples,” invites Fr. Nono.

“He combines all of these training and experiences and adds his passion and dedication to the word of God. That is the Word exposed. Enjoy it like all the millions around the world who have been nourished by Cardinal’s reflections every Sunday.”

Also joining “The Word Exposed” on Solar Entertainment, is JesCom’s daily prayer-reflection program Kape’t Pandasal. Now on its 18th year, listen as Cardinal Tagle, Fr.Nono Alfonso SJ, Kerygma’s Ms.Rissa Singson-Kawpeng and Fr.Kali Llamado share their enlightening insights and thoughts for prayer on the DepEd ALS channel (Cablelink Ch. 6 | DTT Ch. 21 & 30.)every Saturday at 4pm

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