Hangad celebrates 31st Anniversary with “Noon, Ngayon, Habambuhay”



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Celebrating 31 unforgettable years of thanking and praising the Lord through song, Hangad Music Ministry invites its loyal fans to “Noon, Ngayon, Habambuhay” a concert and album launch this Saturday, December 3, 5pm at the Nativity of the Lord Parish, Cubao, Quezon City.

“We always say in Hangad that had we relied on our own talents and strength, we would never have gotten this far. We believe Something or Someone far greater and stronger than us has sustained us through the years, and of course, He is our Lord God,” reflects a thankful Francis Raphael Angeles, Hangad’s Marketing Head, on the group’s milestone achievement.

While Hangad was blessed with opportunities to perform and celebrate its past two anniversaries through online events, “Noon, Ngayon, Habambuhay” marks the group’s first live, face-to-face concert after a three-year long wait—a cause for much excitement among its members.

Adding to Saturday’s celebration is the launch of Hangad’s newest album, “Hangad Hambambuhay”, under the Jesuit Music Ministry—seen as a continuation of  the work and message of “Hangad Acapella”, released twenty years ago.

“Just like “Hangad Acapella”, “Hangad Habambuhay” seeks to reignite the fire in familiar songs such as “Awit ng Paghahangad” but also introduces new songs such as “All My Life”. “Hangad Habambuhay” is a celebration of Jesuit music, of life itself, and of God Almighty,” explains Angeles of the album’s unique sound.

While the pandemic devastated the group with the passing of its two core members, Eric and Mariel, great losses that they still continue to mourn to this day, Angeles sees “Noon, Ngayon, Habambuhay” as the group’s much-awaited comeback performance as a renewed Hangad—strengthened by faith, resilient through challenges.

“In grief, we learned how to be with each other and to console each other. Being one in song and in prayer definitely made the group stronger,” affirms Angeles of the valuable lessons they’ve taken to heart.

“Our family, friends, and supporters should see a renewed Hangad–full of hope and desire to continue sharing God’s music.”

As Hangad looks ahead to its milestone celebration in “Noon, Ngayon, Hambambuhay” and the launch of “Hangad Habambuhay”, Angeles expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all those who contributed to their latest projects’ success.

“There are a multitude of people to thank in the development of “Hangad Habambuhay” and “Noon Ngayon Habambuhay”—the composers, arrangers, lyricists, editors, guest choirs, Hangad members old and new, our families and friends, our supporters, the Jesuit Music Ministry, and Jesuit Communications Foundation Inc,” acknowledges an appreciative Angeles.

“We hope that people would be able to join us in prayer and song at the Nativity of the Lord Parish for our 31st anniversary celebration. This celebration also serves as the grand launch of our latest album and songbook “Hangad Habambuhay” which features acapella arrangements of both familiar and new songs. We do hope you can all celebrate with us!”

Catch “Noon Ngayon Habambuhay,” Hangad’s 31st Anniversary Celebration and album launch of “Hangad Habambuhay” this Saturday, December 3, 5PM at the Nativity of the Lord Parish, Cubao, Quezon City

Admission is free. Please bring proof of vaccination and wear your masks at all times.

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