JMM’s ‘Mass of Life’ launches with concert by Young Voices of the Philippines (YVP)



Jesuit Music Ministry invites children of all ages to celebrate the Eucharist and welcome Christ with childlike fervor at the official launch of ‘Mass of Life: A Mass setting for children’ on November 19, Saturday evening, at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral of Cubao. 

Following the Children’s Mass at 6pm is a mini-concert featuring the Young Voices of the Philippines—a welcome opportunity for its talented members eager to perform sacred music once again. 

“I am truly grateful for this opportunity given to the Young Voices of the Philippines (YVP) by the Jesuit Music Ministry and Jesuit Communications Foundation,” acknowledges YVP’s resident conductor Maria Theresa Vizconde-Roldan.

“Despite the limitations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, YVP had the chance to extend blessings, encourage our fellow choral artists never to lose hope, and make a positive difference through virtual music performances. As the pace of life picks up again and the world opens up, we are now able to share our music live,” she excitedly adds.  

With the songs of ‘Mass of Life’ made for children and sung by children, Vizconde-Roldan sees YVP’s music as a powerful medium to bring more youthful souls closer to Christ, and ultimately, back home to the Church.

“One of our roles as a choir is to bring more people closer to God through our songs. Sharing our time and effort in the eucharistic celebration is a step towards a greater goal — to internalize, imbibe, and enliven the Eucharist through our personal lives and interactions with others,” she explains. 

Finding strength in their diversity as Filipino choristers from various social backgrounds, brought together by their passion for making beautiful music as a cohesive unit, Vizconde-Roldan promises an inspiring, comeback concert to remember by the brilliant children under her care. 

“Their choral performances can inspire a love for music among other Filipino children and help cultivate a child’s understanding of God’s love and glory,” she expresses with full belief in her young wards.

“Our repertoire highlights a conscientious writing of vocal lines for young voices and gentle and lyrical lines that interweave with celestial descants and lilting accompaniment to evoke a sense of joy and peace.” 

Filled with heartfelt appreciation and full confidence in the talented children of her singing community, Vizconde-Roldan earnestly looks ahead to an evening of uplifting music to be enjoyed by the young and young at heart.

“On behalf of the Treble Choir Association of the Philippines and the Young Voices of the Philippines, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your continued support to the Young Voices of the Philippines and to our resident composer and arranger, Jude B. Roldan,” she commends.

“Many thanks to Jesuit Communications for giving us the opportunity to share our music. Cantamus In Animo Grato!”

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Download the music score sheet of Mass of Life:

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