A look into JesCom’s 2022 Holy Week Special: Gabay sa Pagiging Santo



Following the success of “Fiesta: Ang Makulay na Pananampalatayang Pilipino”, which brought home the title of ‘Best TV Special’ at the 43rd Catholic Mass Media Awards, now comes JesCom’s second offering in celebration of 500 Years of Christianity in the Philippines.

Exploring the long, tedious, and complicated process of becoming a saint is “Gabay sa Pagiging Santo”, JesCom’s 2022 Holy Week Special, airing this Black Saturday, April 16 at 7pm, on CNN Philippines. 

Guided by reflections from H.E. Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle, Prefect of the Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples, and narrated by JesCom Executive Director, Fr. Emmanuel Alfonso SJ, “Gabay” follows the stories of five exemplary individuals who dedicated their lives in service of their faith. 

‘Ka Luring’ Franco, a catechist, Darwin Ramos, a former street child, Archbishop Teofilo Camomot, a dedicated priest, Mother Ignacia, a devoted nun, and Takayama Ukon, a former samurai, were all once ordinary people yet it was their extraordinary lives of faith, love, and service that ultimately led them to become candidates for sainthood.

“In the process of producing this documentary, we came to learn more about each candidate a little deeper through the eyes of those whose lives they touched,” says JesCom Creative Director Pauline Mangilog-Saltarin of her team’s valuable realizations during the production process.

“We talked to postulators, witnesses, friends, and families of these individuals and realized that despite their differences, they have one thing in common—their desire to serve other people and their love for God.”

With so many inspiring stories of saints present, Mangilog-Saltarin believes that “Gabay sa Pagiging Santo’s” special focus on the process of sainthood and how the candidates were once simple, ordinary human beings, offers great insight into our own faith journey as we observe the most important juncture of the Lenten Season.

“It is safe to say that this is the first documentary in the country to focus on the process of sainthood and this particular group of individuals,” she acknowledges.

“It’s something new that JesCom has prepared for all our viewers; something that they can watch and reflect on this Holy Week.”

Watch “Gabay sa Pagiging Santo”, JesCom’s 2022 Holy Week Special, airing this Black Saturday, April 16 at 7pm, via free TV on CNN Philippines.

Watch “Gabay sa Pagiging Santo” online via CNN Philippines (https://www.cnnphilippines.com/)

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