‘Gifted to Give’: Celebrating 500 Years of Filipino Christianity

Jesuit Music Ministry (JMM) brings the rich tradition and gift of Filipino Christianity to the world in its latest album, “Gifted to Give”.

Named after the theme of the yearlong landmark celebration of ‘500 Years of Christianity’ in the country, the album presented JMM with a unique opportunity to be of great service to the Philippine Church through song.

“It is always an honor for JMM to serve the Church through music. It is a greater honor to have us work on the theme song for the 500 Years of Christianity- a once in a lifetime milestone in the Church in the Philippines,” expressed JMM Director Lester Mendiola.

Bannered by the carrier single ‘Gifted to Give’, composed by Archbishop Socrates Villegas, DD, National Artist Maestro Ryan Cayabyab with revisions from +Tim Ofrasio SJ, Dom Bulan SJ, and arranged by musician Von de Guzman, the 10-track compilation is headlined by an impressive cast of performers including OPM stars Angeline Quinto, Erik Santos, Jed Madela, Bituin Escalante and Jolina Magdangal.

Among the other featured songs in “Gifted to Give’s” lineup are ‘Live Christ, Share Christ’, as well as the choral version of the official ‘500 Years’ hymn- sung by over a hundred JMM choir members. Moreover, giving voice to the Fr. Carlo Magno Marcelo-composition and the quincentenary celebration’s official mission song ,“We Give Our Yes”, is the multi-awarded choral group, Philippine Madrigal Singers.

“We have been very innovative and creative in our past virtual projects, so our choristers did the same thing for this song; recording was done at home, as well as the other production elements of the song,” recounted Mendiola of the experience.

“All the choirs of JMM are represented as well as guest choirs from University of the Asia and the Pacific, and Mater Dei from Pampanga. The choristers were very delighted to be a part of this milestone project.”

As “Gifted to Give” awaits its official release on digital music platforms this July 16, 2021, complete with minus-one tracks of ‘Live Christ, Share Christ’ and ‘Gifted to Give’ (instrumental/choral), Mendiola hopes that the album’s music empowers Filipino Catholics to let their faith shine wherever they may be.

“We hope this album will make Filipinos all over the world aware that their giftedness, also comes with the responsibility and the desire to share this faith. It is centered on this theme of renewing and appreciating the gift of faith, and realizing the duty of the mission to share this faith to everyone,” he encouraged.

“I would like to thank the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Social Communications for entrusting us to work on this project; our gratitude also goes to our musicians for tirelessly working on the songs for this digital album. We hope that this album will inspire Filipinos all over the world to share their ‘giftedness’ to others.”

Apart from the upcoming digital album launch, “Gifted to Give’s” virtual choir video will also be released this July.

Fans and subscribers can watch the JesCom Productions lyric video of “Live Christ, Share Christ” via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aJcoLkntIc

Official MTV for “Live Christ, Share Christ”, will be released by August.

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