To Greater Heights, To Greater Magis: Radyo Katipunan Donates to Community Pantries

Radyo Katipunan 87.9 FM once again answered the call to service, this time showing its all-out support for the inspiring movement that has brought new hope to neighborhoods across the nation:  community pantries.

Over the past two weeks, Ateneo de Manila University’s official campus radio station donated more than P30,000 worth of vegetables to the noble initiative organized by Ms. Carol Cepeda-Thor (BS LM, 1991) for Makati’s San Ildefonso Parish.

“Carol Thor is already engaged in many charitable projects. A notable one is her scholarship program in a far-flung barrio in Albay. A few days after the community pantry spread like wildfire, I challenged her to go into it as well. This woman won’t back out of a challenge, so she started one,” praised JesCom Executive Director Fr. Nono Alfonso SJ, of his Loyola Schools batchmate.

“What compelled many of us to help in this way, is the great need for food out there. Millions are suffering from hunger because of the pandemic. For the first time in a long time, people felt a sense of hope once again,” he continued, noting how Ateneo High School Tunong Dunong product, Ana Patrica Non and her seminal Maginhawa project, set the courageous example that hundreds have since followed.

Serving 440 people on its first visit last May 2, and 350 more on Mother’s Day—in addition to sharing fresh produce worth P15,000 to Payatas’ St. Joseph Chapel—Radyo Katipunan’s generous contributions to these community pantries offer comforting lessons amidst today’s challenges, believes Fr. Nono.        

“One, the power of one person to inspire and give hope. Two, the power of action—even if small—to move mountains. Three, the power of ‘people power’ all over again; if people band together, they can help one another. Four, the power of good over evil. Five, the infectiousness or contagiousness of good work and charity.”

With close to 900 community pantries now in operation, spreading the gifts of kindness, compassion and solidarity to different parts of the country, Fr. Nono hopes to see more Ateneans “do Magis, and as Ignatius teaches us in our retreats, express their love in action, in the concrete.”

“We can only expect more of them to help out. They’ve been trained by the Ateneo to be men and women for others, to be lux in domino, to give and not to count the cost,” he encouraged.

“They also learned love for their country and now is the time to show such patriotism, with half of the population reeling from poverty and hunger because of the pandemic. This was what their formation in the Ateneo was about.”

As the ‘Voice of the Blue Eagle’ continues to bring the selfless spirit of the Ateneo to the greater Filipino community, Fr. Nono acknowledged all those who support the trailblazing station and its mission to serve.  

“We thank those who patronize and support Radyo Katipunan, especially our daily masses. We continue to extend your help to those in need. The donation we gave to the pantry is yours, just as the aid we provided to feed a prison facility and a community of street children,” he expressed.

“We are very happy that Patricia Non is inspiring Filipinos to give, in these difficult times. As they say, love begets love. Like Patricia, may we all be instruments of God’s love and mercy in this time of need.”

Photos from Ms. Carol Thor

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