Finding ‘Home’ with Hangad Music Ministry

Amidst the fears and uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hangad Music Ministry embraced change and found new opportunities to continue their ministry—all within the safe refuge of home.

“Home with Hangad”, the Jesuit Music Ministry (JMM) vocal ensemble’s newest album, tells the enduring story of a family brought together by music and service to the Lord- no matter the distance.

“We made a conscious decision to adapt to the times and rethink the ways of our ministry. It was obvious from the start that we will all have to go online to stay as a family and as a ministry,” recalled Hangad Marketing Head Francis Angeles.

“But as we always say, if God wills it, we shall continue and work with what He provides. Several virtual choir videos and remote recordings later, we are happy to say that we have been able to serve through our ministry, as well as stay together as a family.”

While putting together the 15-track album under quarantine restrictions presented its fair share of challenges, it was the perseverance and commitment of each Hangad member that ultimately contributed to a successful family effort.

“It was a struggle at first since not all of us had the right equipment, time, or means to meet online, much less record remotely. We quickly learned how to create better recordings through the guidance of other choristers, online videos, and basically, trial and error,” admitted Angeles.

“Many of us had to download and buy software and hardware to do recordings. Many had to search for specific times when their surroundings were quiet and calm enough. Thankfully, we also had within our group a good mix of audio and video editors who worked tirelessly to improve on our tracks and videos.”

With the home serving as the shelter and fortress of every family, Angeles noted how their unwavering love for the Lord, unites and sustains the music and bond of the Hangad household.

“God is at the center of all of Hangad’s songs. We seek to find a way to know God more with the songs that we create, learn, and record. In the process, we hope to inspire others to know God more as well.”

“The album contains songs that are prayers to God—thanking Him, praising Him, and seeking His guidance—as well as songs that are from God’s perspective, as inspired by Bible text and personal reflections. Of course, our blessed Mary is also a huge part of our faith and so we have one song in the album that is dedicated to her— ‘Queen of Heaven, Rejoice’,” he described of the selections, which focus on the values of gratitude, trust, and faith.

As the classic arrangements and reimagined songs present in ‘Home with Hangad’ offer hope and consolation to listeners, Angeles expressed his family’s overwhelming gratitude for the success of their latest endeavor.

“Hangad will continue to share our music for as long as people are willing to listen. We would like to thank people who have supported us through this ‘Home with Hangad’ journey – our members, our editors, our song writers and arrangers, our families and friends, our listeners and of course, the Jesuit Music Ministry and Jesuit Communications family. God bless you and keep safe!”

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