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Whether it’s a gasp at the sight of a sunrise, a whispered “thank you” after getting through a difficult task, or a sign of the cross at the start of a challenge—prayer, at its essence, is a one-on-one conversation with God. A secret, sacred time, between Him and you.

From our origin as a retreat choir in 1991, and through each album we have released and concert we have performed, we in Hangad have been guiding and accompanying people’s individual conversations with God. In “This Time With You”, we go deep into the heart of prayer as conversation—in the many ways we pray, the many things we pray for, and the many ways He responds.


  1. Through This Song
  2. This Time With You
  3. Let Me Be Your Stillness
  4. In Your Own Way
  5. The Lord’s Steadfast Love
  6. Sa Iyong Pag-Ibig
  7. How Good It Is To Give Thanks
  8. Di Matinag na Pag-Ibig
  9. You Never Left Me
  10. Wonderfully Made
  11. Awit ng Pag-Asam
  12. All That I Have
  13. Power Of Your Love
  14. Tungo Sa ‘Yo
  15. Hangad
  16. Thank You

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