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STARTLE:  Gathering light from the Word of God
A Collection of Homilies and Reflections
by Jose Ramon “Jett” T. Villarin, SJ

“Composing these calculated yet halting words on the Word of God has been an adventure, if an agony at times.  I must confess that scientific writing about climate change is far easier and more predictable.  A consolation at least from writing these reflections is the afterglow.  The afterglow can be likened to stargazing.  Ignatius Loyola, who was given to contemplating the heavens from his evening balcony in Rome, would understand.

Startled.  That word best describes what Loyola must have felt under starlight.  More than a mood, it is also a grace that is given those who must search the silence for words on the Word of God.  It is the one grace I pray for you as well when you ponder what you read here:  that the Word may awaken you, that love may startle you and lead you to unexpected openings and to some surprising space in your life.  And when you are startled by love, may you find the courage and the quiet to decide.”

(From the Introduction by Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ)

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