JMM Loving and Forgiving (Concert Preview)

This Palm Sunday, enter the spirit of Holy Week through music and prayer. Join the Jesuit Music Ministry’s (JMM) “Loving and Forgiving”, a prayer concert airing on March 28, 8 p.m.

Streaming live via the Radyo Katipunan 87.9 FM and JesCom social media pages, the collaborative effort between acclaimed composer Fr. Arnel Aquino, S.J. and JMM, seeks to accompany audiences in prayer through the heartfelt, reflective music of Himig Heswita.

“Himig Heswita in its many years of ministry of music has participated in prayer concerts whose main theme is healing. For the first time, because of the pandemic, we present this concert in the virtual space,” noted JMM Director Lester Mendiola.

Helping viewers at home experience the Lord’s unconditional and boundless love, are the all-around contributions from the Jesuit community — from classic Himig Heswita hymns to guided prayers.

“There will be reflections centered on the theme of love and forgiveness, which will be shared by Jesuit scholastics. Fr. Arnel and the JMM team carefully selected the songs that we will sing,” shared Mendiola.

“The songs will be a combination of those written by the late Fr. Hontiveros, Fr. Arnel, Fr. Manoling Francisco, Fr. Johnny Go, and many more.”

As the culminating chapter of the Lenten season draws near, Mendiola hopes that JMM’s latest virtual concert leads Filipino Catholics towards contrite, renewed hearts and a more meaningful Easter celebration.

“Dear brothers and sisters, on behalf of Himig Heswita and friends, I would like to invite you to pray, reflect and sing with us, through ‘Loving and Forgiving’,” invited Mendiola.

“May this online event help you enter into a more prayerful and reflective observance of the Holy week. Thank you for your continued support to our ministry. May the loving and forgiving God bless you and your families.”

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